Rabu, 28 April 2010

Prohibitions for an entrepreneur

By: Angelina Kusuma

Prohibitions for an entrepreneur:

- Thinking to get rich quickly
Want to get rich quickly, would drag you to the brink of bankruptcy faster than you think

- Stop learning

An entrepreneur must be often learn in everything, in order to get the best business opportunities for them. Stop learning will make your business does not grow

- Take the shortcut to make a profit

Same as thought as wants to get rich quickly, instant ways to seek benefits will bring you to the failure successfully

- Only calculate the risks

Consider the obstacles is good, but if your focus is always in bad things, you will be a loser. A true entrepreneur should have a positive thinking and desire to work high. If your spirit die, your business is gone. Think with the radical and crazy, and your creativity will come. Too much calculate the risks will make your passion for progress stopped

- Only dreaming

It's no good just wanted to be entrepreneurs but no action. Opportunity to open a business does not come only waiting, but pick up it directly. What do you want, do!

Although you did not have the best idea, not to be the first inventor, just have limited capital, and has many rivals, it was not a barrier to entrepreneurship. All you have to beat is not your rivals, but your self. What makes you limited is not also your capital, but your mind. Followers are not always bad. They can also succeed in bussiness as long as they could provide unique characteristic, which differentiate it from the original or the first one.

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